Cruz Control Records is a Quebec-based Techno record label that is devoted to spreading the goodness that is techno music far and wide. The founders are three French ex-pats who met in Montreal almost a decade ago and whose shared passion for techno music brought them together in their new homeland. All three had been involved in the French rave scene and had backgrounds in DJ-ing or producing techno music, and it wasn't long before they started collaborating and organizing underground events. Soon their parties grew in popularity and the Cruz Control crew established themselves not only as respected organizers, but also talented and driven artists who've played at tons of events, both locally and internationally. This label is the fruit of many years of dedication and sacrifice fuelled by nothing more than a love for techno music.

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Pakau - Blitz



Digital Committee - John Travoltage


Pakau - Woob


Digital Committee - Prak


Pakau - Kurb
Pakau's latest gem, Kurb, is a darkly-layered treat. Its hypnotic rhythm and eerie effects slowly gain momentum, building into a deep, twisting mechanical growl before switching into high gear for the final leg of a very satisfying journey.


Pakau - Digger
Digger is Pakau's newest track and it's no-holds-barred tempo is the perfect remedy for a sluggish dance floor or a case of the Mondays. This 137-BPM techno beast builds up into a frenzy of distortion and is just what you need for some good clean fun.
Dig it!


Digital Committee - Beluga
Digital Committee's latest track, Beluga, has a bouncy, playful groove that makes you feel good inside and out. It's heady melody and energetic bass-line create a bon enfant vibe that conjures images of festival-goers stomping up dust on a dance floor under perfect blue skies. This number is best played outside for maximum effect.


Digital Committee - King Ping
Digital Committee’s “King Ping” is a richly-layered techno monster. With a riveting bassline, multiple layers of percussion and tweaked-out effects, this track is guaranteed to please the discerning techno lover on many levels.

Pakau - Direct Drive
Pakau’s “Direct Drive” lives up to its name and doesn’t waste a nanosecond before getting to the good stuff. This track is a techno tour de force that packs a punch from beginning to end. It’s relentless rhythm and driving bassline hold their momentum throughout and are sure to get the crowd stomping up a storm on the dance floor!